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Web Development & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At Brand & Mortar we don’t design websites; we create online experiences. Our team of website architects work with you to create that point of differentiation amongst your competition, helping your organizational communications cut through the clutter.

Not only are the websites we design tailored to your business and business objectives, but they are all well coded, SEO compatible and auto-responsive for all mobile platforms. Again, if your website is crafted properly with the most current standards in place, your website will have a great SEO foundation and you’ll rise through the rankings organically.

At Brand & Mortar, we strongly believe that you don’t have to retain a company for thousands of dollars a month for inorganic, messy backlinks and spam posts for SEO. A solid SEO foundation is making sure your website has great content supported by the right ingredients search engines need for their recipe.

Check out our custom SEO recipe below to make sure your company is doing everything they can to rise through search engine rankings organically without crippling your budget.

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