Social Media Management -

This ain't your grandma's social media management.

Social Media Management

At Brand & Mortar, we utilize the highest social media standards and practices, streamlining your brand identity across the web. Social media has now become the voice of individuals, organizations, businesses, corporations, and even governments; it helps manage customer service requests, serves as effective advertising & engagement, strengthens branding & PR, and serves as an efficient HR and recruiting tool. Brand & Mortar can customize a plan specific to your needs, month to month, evolving as your business does.


It starts with a simple conversation: in-person, over the phone, or through email. We offer complementary social media audits and consultations with no obligation, no matter the size of your business and regardless of your reach. We analyze your present standing relative to your competitors, take into consideration your goals for growth, and brainstorm solutions to strategically boost your online presence. Our in-house strategy, Post, Measure, Engage (PME) has been developed to return a superior marketing ROI while building brand equity and awareness. It will stand as your social media foundation, building a community and hub for your brand.


We’ll find the right platforms and channels to increase customer engagement, open up customer service and recruitment channels, and drive sales. We run contests, interact with your competitor’s clients and customers, and increase your authorship and reputation online. As our client, it is paramount that we give you our undivided attention when it comes to your social media concerns. Each month, we deliver a detailed report communicating to you the dynamics of growth seen both in yours and your competitor’s social media campaigns, and how it might affect your bottom line.

Communication is the key to success, and we believe that it is essential to secure not only your business, but your respect.

If you’re interested in improving your ROI on digital marketing, check out our FREE Social Media Audit form to get started; we’ll not only provide insights on your competitors and current social media pages, but we’ll show let you know what next steps you can take to improve (or build) your social media strategy.