Brand Development -



At Brand & Mortar, we believe that a  brand is more than a logo, a name, a slogan, or lists of products and services; it is your identity and the single most important aspect of your business. Although intangible, its value encompasses everything that you’ve done or dreamed of. In fact, we believe so strongly in a well-fashioned and crafted brand that it’s part of our name: our identity. This is the Brand.

Are you a new organization looking to build a brand and increase its equity? We’ll work with you to identify the key aspects of your company, your value proposition and market strategy, and bring them all together, making sure your messaging is consistent, your offerings are unique and valued by your audience. Above all, we’ll help ensure customer loyalty for years to come.

Are you an existing brand looking to explore your options, redevelop or refresh? We will collaborate with you to ensure you keep your hard earned equity while shifting old paradigms and dated ideas for a fresh, invigorating approach that will last. This is the Mortar.

Branding and re-branding doesn’t have to hurt; let us help carry the load.

We can help you:

  • Create a Branding Strategy
  • Research Your Customer Audience
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis
  • Design Rich, Mobile-Ready Websites
  • Carry Out Social Media Strategy
  • Print & Offline Collateral
  • Digital Marketing Collateral
  • Develop Advertising Campaigns