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So who are Golden?


Brand & Mortar is a digital marketing agency based out of Toronto, ON with over 40 years of industry experience.

Brand & Mortar came to fruition when the tens of thousands of digital marketing companies in North America stopped believing in relationships and started believing in transactions. We’re a little old fashioned and still believe that a handshake outlasts ink and actions speak louder than words. Our vision to create, promote and partner with successful and growing brands unites us and drives us.

We specialize in creating real relationships with real people and believe that businesses of all sizes, shapes and forms deserve to have their digital voice heard. We  work with some of North America’s greatest brands and are experts in identifying inefficiencies and gaps that exist within our client’s marketing and brand strategies and work diligently to uncover opportunities and solutions that are designed to increase your ROI, exceed your expectations and stand firm-footed in a time of constant change.

Our specializations include:

Brand Development

There’s a reason some names are bigger than others. Let us show you how to improve your brand identity & culture, and get ahead.

Web Design

Your website is the foundation of your digital business. We develop and maintain rich websites and blogs, each integrated with the latest standards.

Social Media Strategy & Community Management

At Brand & Mortar, we utilize the highest social media standards and practices, streamlining your brand identity through various digital channels across the web.

Content Editing & Copywriting

Your business deserves the freshest,  highest-quality, most meaningful content available; that’s the first step in a successful marketing strategy. We can help.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design services are second to none. We provide consultation and design services for your every need, from digital to print.

Photography and Videography

From stunning portraits to high-resolution video reels, we can handle all of your business’s photography and videography needs right here, quickly and easily.